SilveRboard is a rigid insulation board made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) covered with a layer of polypropylene reflective lamination on both sides. This highly effective combination of materials offers high compressive strength and great thermal performance when used in below grade and under slab applications.

SB25 (HD – Type 3): R4.35 per inch
25 PSI           |          4’x8′ or 4’x10′

SB35 (HD – Type 3): R5.0 per inch
35 PSI          |          4’x8′ or 4’x10′

SB40 (HD – Type 3):R5.0 per inch
40 PSI          |          4’x8′ or 4’x10′

EVXD Exterior Insulated Drain Board is a two-in-one rigid Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation board that has integrated drainage channels and is suitable for use on basement foundation walls in both internal and external applications.

With vertical channels every 2” on centre, these panels allow moisture to drain towards the bottom of the wall where it can be dealt with by a properly installed drainage tile system. It also helps your project meet the Government of Ontario’s SB-12 requirement for Continuous Insulation (ci).

R-Value: R4.0 per inch
16 – 30 PSI           |           4′ x 8′

The Resisto ICF Foundations Membrane is a selfadhesive membrane dedicated to the waterproofing of insulated concrete form (ICF) foundations. It is composed of 1 mm thick SBS-modified bitumen and a trilaminate woven polyethylene. The underface is composed of a silicone film that is easily detachable.

SOPRA-XPS rigid thermal insulation board is made of extruded polystyrene and is composed of closed cell foam. It can be used as thermal insulation for residential applications on exterior foundation walls and under concrete slabs.

SOPRA-XPS:  20 to 100 R5.0 per inch
20 – 100 PSI          |          2’x8’ or 4’x8’

Styrorail’s SR.P products are versatile expanded polystyrene insulation panels used to insulate all surfaces from the foundation to the roof. Insulate the interior or exterior surface of foundation walls, the interior or exterior of framed walls as well as underneath the basement and garage concrete slabs.

SR.P200 (Type 2): R4.0 per inch
16 PSI            |           2’x8’ or 4’x8’

SR.P300 (Type 3): R4.2 per inch
20 PSI           |           2’x8’ or 4’x8’

SR.P350 (Type 3): R4.3 per inch
30 PSI           |           2’x8’ or 4’x8’


  • To anchor DELTA-MS into foundation wall
  • Fits into 4 dimples for superior holding power, installed every 1’ in a W pattern
  • Sold in bags of 50, or boxes of 500


  • Flashing strip for top of and ends of DELTA-MS
  • 2” x 6’ length (sold in bundles of 33)


  • 27 oz black mastic sealant for overlaps, detailing
  • Sold in cases of 12 tubes

DELTA®-DRAIN is a highly effective drainboard that controls the flow of below-grade water. Its high water-flow capacity ensures effective drainage. This product is suitable for almost any application in residential and light commercial construction.

DELTA®-MS is a below-grade dimpled membrane that uses an exclusive Air-gap Technology to ensure your basements stay dry and last longer.